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Sigma Metalytics Pro with Refiners & Small Wands & Kee Gold Tester Model M-509GM Bundle


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The OPTIONAL Large Wand gives you the ability to read many coins in numismatic slabs as small as 1/4 oz, smaller than can be read on the pro unit with any other sensor. It is not possible to read coins under 1/4 oz in slabs typically.  Raw coins as small as 8 mm can be read under the small bridge or with the small wand. The large wand is recommended if you deal with a lot of slabbed coins.

The OPTIONAL Microwand can be ordered IN PLACE OF the small wand and allows you to measure pieces as small as 3.5 mm.  The small wand measures as small as 8 mm.

Get the best of both worlds.  Sigma Metalytics products are great for coins & bullion but not Jewelry & Scrap precious metals. Kee is great for testing Jewelry & Scrap gold and platinum but doesn't test silver or test through numismatic slabs as Sigma does.